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Travian Games achieves 200% increase in profitable users from Albert™

Albert’s optimization details, insights and recommendations are provided fast, 24/7, which allows for us to easily adjust strategy if need be. As one of our top partners we will continue to expand the partnership to include campaigns for new and updated titles, cross platform additions, and new mobile titles. We have a really good partnership, great key account managers, and quick and easy communication.Katrin Klusch, Senior Key Account Manager | Travian Games


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New Players


Increase in Profitable Users


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As with all gaming companies, once a popular game has been running for years, buyer interest plateaus, and maintaining an effective digital campaign becomes a challenge. With limited manpower and resources, the Travian Games team also needed to ensure all investments delivered ROI. This was especially problematic as their quality users, who invested time and money in the game, also required time and investment from the brand.


Albert joined the Travian marketing team to increase profitable user at a pace and scale that the small team could not achieve on their own. Albert worked with the Travian guidelines of how they defined a quality, profitable user by leveraging historical data, to quickly execute a campaign which he predicted would drive similar users to the site. As the campaign ran, Albert quickly identified user patterns in order to expand audiences and maximize targeting including:

  • Autonomous media buying
  • Creative and Messaging optimization
  • Cross-channel Testing


Within the first two months Albert delivered a 200% increase in profitable users. New player acquisition, a struggle for the gaming company, grew 5X above the previous benchmark due to Albert’s cross-channel optimization. With the increase of profitable players coming in, Travian Games also increased their ROI by 4X.

About Travian Games

Based in Munich, with developing studios in Hamburg and Cologne and community managers all over the world, Travian games has become one of the top browser based multiplayer game companies in the world. Known for game quality and user enjoyment, Travian develops, publishes and markets all its games, which include Travian, Rail Nation and goalunited. The games are published in every country in the world in 42 languages with more than 150 million registrations to date.